"Maureen is an eloquent speaker, who is able to discuss with firsthand knowledge, compassion, and even a graceful touch of gentle humor about a delicate, difficult, and painful topic. I’ve attended two of her Press Pause presentations, and came away both times feeling inspired by the story she shared, the feedback from other attendees, her plans for the future, and the support services she envisions. She Is…a comfort and a motivation to others who have shared similar experiences and are seeking the next step in moving ahead in their own lives."

-Joanne C. - Lincroft, NJ

"Maureen has a gift for story telling.  Even more compelling, it’s not a story, it’s her life.  She manages to tell heart wrenching information in a careful and sometimes humorous way.  Anyone with exposure to childhood trauma could learn about the journey to healing from listening to Maureen.  She is an inspiration to us all!!!"

-Dr. Melissa Sadin, Executive Director

Ducks & Lions; Trauma Sensitive Resources

"Maureen's way of telling her story is second to none.  She pulls you in with her honesty and makes you feel; she made me laugh, she made me cry.  

Her willingness to discuss her past and share her VERY personal stories of abuse was both courageous and refreshing. You know she doesn't do it to gain pity, but to raise awareness of this pervasive problem in the world today.  She Is...Awe-inspiring!"

-Maria L., Staten Island, NY

"The Press Pause event was more than I had expected.  From Maureen’s very honest, open and moving story to the interaction with the other attendees, I couldn’t help but feel so many emotions that evening.  I truly believe this event and Maureen’s story should be told in high schools, colleges, to as many boys and men as possible so they know what effects their actions play on women and shared with as many women as possible so they know they are not alone.  I would definitely attend another event."

-Jean Benvenuto, Lead Patent Paralegal


"It would be an understatement to say how impressed I am at her display of courage and compassion for others who are survivors of abuse, as she herself continues her journey of healing. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must have been to share the intimate details of her abuse to such a large audience. It was raw, emotional, compassionate and inspirational."

Therese D.

"I went to one of Maureen's presentations for the very first time not knowing her story.  I am NOT a survivor myself, but have not been able to stop thinking about her, or the things she spoke about.  Maureen is one of the very best speakers I have ever been blessed to hear. It was more then just the subject, it was the way she presented; the clarity in her voice, the passion when she speaks and even the look in her eyes.   

In my industry I am always “forced” to go and listen to speakers.  I usually hate it.  I do anything in my power to not pay attention and just pass the time.  I play on my phone, shop on amazon etc.  Maureen had me from the moment she spoke her first word.  She is so poised, and passionate.


I had no idea about her life experience and to be honest, she may be the strongest women I have ever met.  I hope and pray she continues to find the strength and courage to continue speaking to crowds.  Her story must be told.  The way she tells it - I have no words, but I know in my heart there is a very large group of women and men that she has the power to help!

She changed me that day.  I look forward to the next time I can hear her speak again"

-Cori Deutsch Dunphy

"What a moving and powerful speaker Maureen is!! I am so impressed!!


Her, She Is... movement is a great cause and she is an awesome role model for those who have faced the unthinkable and persevere to make their dreams come true."

-Gerri Viggiani, LCSW, LCADC