She Is... Mission

Our first mission was to provide a location for victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse to go to that is run solely by survivors.  

We have accomplished that with our first location, Marilyn’s Place in Middletown, NJ. Opened on September 4th, Marilyn’s Place has provided peer-led support groups, clinician-led workshops and Yoga and Meditation Retreats, free of charge, to many trauma survivors.

Our long term mission? To continue to grow Marilyn’s Place, add a clinician, yoga and reiki instructor to our staff, and provide additional groups for families of trauma survivors and other types of trauma. Once we have those goals met, we will use our special place as the blueprint to open other locations in several New Jersey towns, raising money in order to keep all of what we offer free of charge to those we need us. “It’s not a me thing; it’s a we thing.”