Welcome to My Dream

If you are reading this then, without even realizing it, you have taken a moment to step into my dream.  It started in the innocent mind of a 7 year old girl who had no comprehension of what was happening to her and has taken 47 years to begin to come to fruition.  Making the choice to share my dream meant sharing the why; it meant telling the entire truth.  As the saying goes "The truth shall set you free" but in order for others to see, understand and support the dream you are also inviting people a glimpse into the nightmare that preceded the dream.  You're naked, vulnerable and frightened.  And, the question that loops through your mind is "Will anyone really care?"

You answered with a resounding "YES!".

I know this topic has been thrust into the spotlight.  I cheer those who choose to bring their abusers to justice.  Many victims cannot.  I believe any bully who abuses another human being - whether sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally - should be held accountable for their actions.  But the question I always ask once the publicity dies down is "What about the girl/boy/man/woman who was tormented?  Where will they get their support now?"

I hope She Is...will be the answer to that question.  A facility for victims that can grow into chapters for victims of all types of abuse.  A facility for family and loved ones of those who have been abused and are looking for answers about how they can help those they love.  A place run by survivors who can share what they know and how they implemented their skills to not only overcome their abuse but regain control in order to put their best foot forward and re-enter the world living their best life.  A place victims who become survivors will come back to and extend a helping hand to other victims who can become survivors.  

This is how we heal.  This is how we move past the trauma.  This is how we find our happiness again. 

This is the dream of a 7 year old girl.

This is what's next.

This is She Is....


Maureen Spataro